Got a Broken Watch? We Can Help!

Hire us for watch repairs in Vestal, NY

Whether you have a classic timepiece or a sleek and modern watch, it's bound to break down occasionally. Instead of tossing your faulty watch into a drawer and buying a new one, take it to The Watch Shop. We provide watch repairs to Vestal, NY and the surrounding areas. While jewelry and department stores only sell watches, The Watch Shop sells and repairs them. We also have training in Rolex repairs, so we're more than qualified for all your watch repair needs.

Dive into the repair process

Dive into the repair process

When your watch breaks, you'll want to get it repaired by a skilled professional. The repair expert at The Watch Shop follows a careful process to ensure a long-lasting fix. Here's how it works:

  • You'll drop your damaged or malfunctioning watch off at our shop
  • Our Rolex repair certified repairman visits once a week to pick up watches
  • You'll receive a free repair estimate the following day after the repairman arrives
  • You'll approve or deny the estimate before the repairman touches it
  • You'll receive your repaired watch within approximately seven days
Watches deserve to be worn and cherished. Don't let a broken watch discourage you. Call and schedule a watch repair today.